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Rowan Pack highly skilled Family Law Barrister
Public Access Barrister

Barristers in Queensland can now accept direct briefs from members of the public in certain circumstances. Previously a Barrister could normally only accept briefs through a Solicitor.

Advantages of direct briefing Barristers:-


  • Significant cost savings can be made for clients willing to directly brief Barristers and obtain advice at an early or late stage.

  • Barristers are able to provide strategic advice regarding the future conduct of matters and if necessary provide mediation services.


If you are an individual, business owner, corporate, accounting, government client or in-house Lawyer looking to brief a Barrister then please contact Rowan Pack.

Rowan Pack has over 20 years experience in the law
Town Agency


Rowan Pack's Chambers are located in the heart of the legal precinct in Townsville.  Rowan Pack will provide agency services to many intrastate, interstate, regional and overseas legal practitioners.  


Rowan Pack is happy to act as your Town Agent and mention matters, undertake court appearances, attend mediations and appear in all civil, criminal and domestic violence matters as well as matters before the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court and on an urgent basis if necessary.

Rowan Pack can undertake consults via Teams
Virtual Consultations
Rowan Pack offers virtual appointments with Solicitors and Clients. 

If you are interested in setting up a virtual appointment, please contact Rowan Pack in Chambers.

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